About Our Firm
rgc4Convertino and Associates was founded by Richard Covertino in 2005 after a glowing career with the U.S. Department of Justice as an aggressive federal prosecutor. Throughout his sixteen-year tenure with the DOJ, Mr. Convertino questioned the unbalanced advantages of the government in federal court cases.

After much deliberation, Mr. Convertino made the transition to private practice; he brought with him a full menu of federal trial experience.  He now represents clients in both criminal defense and civil suit cases.  As a veteran of the United States military, Mr. Convertino’s unique brand of legal practice combines passion with conscience, fighting to win your case with the spirit of a warrior.

The Convertino Difference
The benefits of being represented by a well-practiced trial attorney far outweigh the investment of attorney fees. You can expect the following from Richard G. Convertino:

  1. Previous experience as a federal prosecutor gives YOU the advantage.
  2. Cost-effective case evaluation helps you decide how to proceed.
  3. Experience in effective litigation strategies required to maneuver state and federal criminal defense cases, means you have the best possible defense attorney on the frontline defending you.
  4. You’ll receive the most favorable case outcome with Convertino’s keen understanding of the discretions afforded to prosecutors in criminal proceedings.
  5. A comprehensive consideration of plea bargains means we won’t strike a deal without you.
  6. An accurate compilation and analysis of applicable state and federal case law provides a road map to maneuver your case.

“No Other Lawyer Will Fight Harder For You Than Richard G. Convertino”