I am extremely grateful that I have Mr. Convertino representing me
     A fellow police officer referred me to attorney Rick Convertino for representation in a civil case; I had exposed corruption in my narcotics unit.

As a police officer with the Wayne County Sheriff’s office for fifteen years, I was assigned to a coveted position as a K9 cop. During my tenure  in the narcotics unit I had witnessed and exposed violations of citizens’ rights at the direction of my deputy chief.  I became the victim of many retaliatory acts by the deputy chief overseeing my assignment.  I was unjustly kicked out of the narcotics unit and my K9 partner was taken away from me.  In short, my childhood professional dream was ripped from me because I did my job—I upheld the law.

Attorney Convertino immediately met with me at his office and was attentive to the details of my case.  His staff was professional, prompt and polite.  When I heard Attorney Convertino tell his own story of fighting injustice at the hands of the Federal Government, I had no doubt I had found the right attorney to represent me, an attorney that isn’t deterred by big legal challenges or formidable obstacles. I am extremely grateful I have Attorney Convertino at my side.  He has proven to represent my best legal interests with a toughness, determination and conscience that is a rare mix found in any attorney.  Thank you Rick! CPL Rick Cadez Wayne County Sheriff Office
CPL Rick Cadez
Attorney Rick Convertino is a man of integrity
     I was charged with a federal felony in 2013 and quickly retained attorney Rick Convertino to represent me.  He proved to be thorough in his approach to my case and his depth of legal knowledge made maneuvering the case less daunting, reminding me to keep anxious moments in perspective. (more…)
Michael F. Townsend